Camps in Pangong


One can be reach to Pangong Lake hardly 4-5 hours drive, 153km from Leh city. Enjoy visiting the pretty villages along the way and admire the scenery, or take opportunity to visit Buddhist Gompas.At the road junction in Kharu, take the left turning that heads northeast. Continous for 5 km up Chemre valley passing a military camp at the entrance to the valley, untill you see Chemre Gompa and village appear on your left after the road round a bend. From Chemre, continue northeast up the length of the valley until you leave behind the fields and villages and the road begins the ascent up to Chang La pass.(17380ft. 3rd highest motorable road in the world) most of it on a rough and dramatic mountain road. As you approach the Pass, take a moment to admire the view as you look back over Chemre Valley and the Zanskar Range beyond.From the pass, the road -which is fairly rough here decends down a valley floor covered in boulders and scree, crossing a stream many times before the landscape opens out to reveal a stunning view of the Pangong Range ahead of you. You will see further down the wide valley you are descending into, a small lake called Tsol-tak. The road continues through a narrowing in the valley before winding down to the junction with Tangtse valley that runs from east to west. As you reach the valley, there are two roads that run parallel on opposite banks of the river that both lead to Tangtse. You can either cross the river and visit Durbuk village on the north bank first or, turn right on the south bank of the river and go directly to Tangtse. Tangtse itself has little to offer the visitor beyond a few shops, cafes and accommodation. From Tangtse, the road to Pangong lake(about 30 km farther on)………You are kindly requested to respect the environment and not to leave any litter behind you on your visit to Pangong so and or indeed, anywhere else on your travels in Ladakh!!!!!!!!!!

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